Naked Security explains:

Teenage girls are being targeted by GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence and security agency, in a bid to identify the cybersecurity professionals of the future. According to local media Gloucestershire Live:

The National Cyber Security Centre, the ‘gamekeepers’ organisation set up in London under the control of GCHQ, is launching a competition specifically for girls aged 13-15 as part of its CyberFirst scheme.

The NCSC is inviting the girls to pit their cyber-skills against one another in the CyberFirst Girls Competition.

What will the girls have to do?

The competition begins with a set of online puzzles covering four main cybersecurity topics. The puzzles will become progressively harder. The competition’s FAQ explains:

The online round will be open for a week. There will be many challenges and we don’t expect any team to complete all of them, each team guardian and team should work out a strategy to complete the challenges which works best for them.

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