Tripwire explains:

Cybersecurity media is awash with coverage of the hotly-debated “skills gap,” as evidenced by the significant difference between job openings and new hires. “There’s a persistent and growing gap between the number of jobs available and the number of hires,” said Business Insider last year, so while there are plenty of jobs available, there are not enough appropriately skilled workers.

In the world of security, we often hear the axiom that defenders must address all gaps while attackers only need to find one exploitable hole. This is arguably true across all security-relevant fields – not just in cyberspace but also in industrial technology, conflict zones, physical security, battlefields, privacy and economics, to name a few.

But computers, buildings, equipment and people don’t usually break themselves. Hacking tools, like weapons, aren’t dangerous by themselves; threats are realized when a human being picks up a tool and does harm with it.

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