There are several courses that teach insider threat program development, and while the methods and controls taught are very comprehensive and effective, often times they can also be bypassed.

Learn how the controls of your current security program can be bypassed by utilizing routine IT procedures. We will also show how to identify business processes which can contribute to insider threats. Learn how to enhance procedures required to identify insider threat exposures.

This program is designed to help organizations identify existing critical controls needed to develop an Insider Threat Program using a white hat hacking methodology.

A series of live demonstrations will be performed to show the white hat hacking techniques used to bypass various controls.

Learning objectives:

•  Learn the methodologies utilized by individuals within the organization that would be defined as insider threat activity.

•  Learn how to identify system-based behavioral indicators.

•  Learn which existing or enhanced security layer can provide insider threat profile data.

•  Learn how areas of the organization (i.e. Legal, Procurement, HR) are key stakeholders in assisting to identify insider threat activity.

Take-a-ways from the course:

•  Establish or enhance an existing cybersecurity program to include insider threat

•  Define self-assessments of insider threat segment of the cybersecurity program

•  Enhance security awareness training to include additional methods of insider threat

•  Enhance existing security layers to better identify specific insider threat activity

Location and cost:

These three 90-minute sessions will be conducted live using the ON24 web platform. You can take this course on the live dates or by viewing the on-demand recordings.

Course price: $495 (includes all three parts)

Attendees will earn 5 CPE credit hours. 

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Bechtold at or 503-303-7871.

speaker photo
Instructor: Mike Muscatell
Information Security Advisor, Enterpise IT Solutions
Mike Muscatell is a seasoned IT veteran with more than twenty years in the Information Security field. He is a certified ethical hacker. Was honored as top 100 professionals in the Information Security Field by Strathmore's for 2014. Member of a number of security organizations including Infragard, US Chamber of Commerce Cyber Committee.