Network World Explains:

According to a recent survey, eight out of 10 IT professionals are open to new job opportunities.  Lately, one of the more popular ways to look for jobs and to check out potential employers is by using social media.  In addition, the survey reported that 82% of recruiters and hiring managers are also increasing their use of social searches to find the right person for the position.

Besides being able to access available job posts, social platforms may help you pick up personal details that can give you the edge in getting to the next step in the application process. For example, if the prospective candidate sends a message to a hiring manager via Facebook and mentions that they went to the same school, he or she would most likely get a reply.

"We have so much access to everything that it's daunting," said Allison Betancourt, director of learning and development at Addison Group, a national staffing group.

Therefore, both the job seeker and the employer need to be aware of how their image appears online. For that reason, it is important to continuously monitor your online profile, presenting yourself in a professional and consistent manner.

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