Insider risk can be quite the challenge to manage, no matter what industry you are in. However, financial services companies tend to face some of the worst outcomes. A recent benchmark study has found that when it comes to insider threats, the financial services sector experiences the highest average yearly cost at $14.5 million, an increase of 20.3% since 2018.

There are myriad reasons why insider threat risks emerge, whether that be due to a sloppy user, a third-party contractor, a disgruntled employee, or perhaps a stolen login. No matter what the root cause is, companies need visibility with a people-centric security approach to better manage insider threat risks.

Join our panel of experts as they explore how insider-led breaches affect financial services and how to mitigate the risk. In this webcast session, we will cover:

•  The main insider threat profiles and how to address each
•  Why insider threats are unique and require more context than other threats
•  How to reduce response time and costs by speeding up investigations

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John Checco
Resident CISO, Proofpoint
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Tom Bechtold
Digital Events Director, SecureWorld