Fraudulent emails from the "World Health Organization" urging you to take action. Fake emails from "your CEO" asking for gift cards or sensitive information. Every day, we're getting deceptive communications—and it's only getting worse.

Sixty-eight percent of phishing emails blocked by Gmail every day are new variations that have never been seen before and last only 12 minutes.

Why are they so prevalent? Easy: they work.

By focusing your defenses on approaches that don't rely on historical data, outdated technology, or internal training, you can protect your organization from phishing and BEC attacks.

In this webinar, we will cover:

• What is the new era of phishing attacks?
• How reliance on historical data can't stop evolving attacks
• How focusing on who sends email is the key to defining email security policies and protecting your organization

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Steve Whittle
Global Technical Director, Valimail