TechCrunch explains:

There is a looming crisis in information security that will necessitate that businesses change how they manage their security efforts.

While there will always be new attacks and methodologies with which to contend, it’s the growing shortage of skilled cybersecurity resources that is poised to cause enterprises heartache for the foreseeable future. Already in 2016, the No. 1 concern of enterprises is access to skilled resources.

Think of how dire the shortage actually is for that to rank above a potential data breach as a concern. And it’s poised to get much worse. Forbes predicts there will be 1 million global cybersecurity positions available in 2016. Those shortages are predicted to grow to a quarter of global cybersecurity positions remaining unfilled by 2019. To be precise, that’s 1.5 million out of 6 million total positions that are expected to remain vacant in three short years.

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