We hear all the time from our SecureWorld Advisory Council members that they want new ways to make security personal and relevant for their employees.

And we hear from those outside of cybersecurity (the 99%) that it is confusing. They are unsure how they can make their laptops and devices more secure, like everyone keeps saying they should.

The ultimate guide to simple cybersecurity?

We believe we've found the ultimate, free cybersecurity guide for those who are not in cybersecurity. It's called Security Planner, and it is understandable, relevant, and actually interesting.



Security Planner is created (and updated) by the Citizen Lab, which is essentially the cyberspace R&D department at the University of Toronto. Here is the philosophy behind it:

"Security Planner recommendations are made by a committee of experts in digital security and have gone through a rigorous peer review evaluation, led by the Citizen Lab. We're supported by a community of organizations, including non-profits, educational institutions, and foundations, and never accept funds or services in exchange for making a recommendation."

Check it out and let us know what you think. Is there something better out there we have missed? If so, please share it with us: media@secureworldexpo.com