Not everyone in your organization is a VIP, but anyone can be a VAP: Very Attacked Person™. And these VAPs aren’t always the people you expect. That’s because today’s attacks target users in countless ways, across new digital channels, with objectives that aren’t always obvious. They trick your workers into opening an unsafe attachment or clicking on a dubious web link. They impersonate your CEO and order your finance department to wire money. And they con your customers into sharing login credentials with a website they think is yours. Protecting against today’s threats starts with understanding who’s being targeted by them and how they’re being attacked.

In this web conference, we will analyze key findings from the report, "Protecting People: A Quarterly Analysis of Highly Targeted Cyber Attacks." We will examine which employees and organizational departments receive the most highly targeted email threats. Then we will explore how they’re being attacked, analyzing attackers’ techniques and tools.

Here are just a few of the report’s findings:

• A whopping 99% of the most heavily targeted email addresses in the quarter didn’t rank as such in our last report, suggesting that attackers are constantly shifting targets.

• Workers in marketing, public relations, and human resources departments accounted for a bigger share of attacks versus the previous quarter.

• Customer-support fraud on social media soared 486% versus the year-ago quarter, to its highest level ever.

• Email fraud attacks rose to 36 per targeted organization on average, an 80% jump from the same quarter last year.

Join our experts as we discuss the report findings, provide examples of attacks, and provide you with some tools to help keep these targeted attacks at bay.

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