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By Clare O’Gara
Fri | Sep 20, 2019 | 5:30 AM PDT

Do you or your company have a $25,000 Blockchain idea?

Los Angeles city leaders have announced something brand new, called Block Tank LA.

How does this Blockchain competition work?

This is an opportunity for Blockchain companies to offer solutions for three issues the city believes can be solved by the technology. Those are:

1. Environmental sustainability

"Creative uses of blockchain to improve the quality of human life while living within the capacity of our natural Los Angeles ecosystem."

2. Secure online voting platform

"Providing an online, secure voting platform for the City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council elections."

3. Secure resident IDs

"Creative use of blockchain to develop an individualized secure record of a Los Angeles resident that can be accessed and used for government records."

What happens if you win the Los Angeles Blockchain competition?

If your Blockchain application wins, the LA Mayor's Office pledges to pay your company a $25,000 reward. And the city will run a pilot project with your creation.

A successful pilot could open all kinds of new doors for you. Now that's an incentive.

Check out the details and submit your application here.

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